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victory over republican challenger mitt romney. here's a look at the electoral map. according to the associated press, only the state of florida remains too close to call. the president has at least 303 electoral votes. 270 are needed to win the white house. thousands of supporters cheered as the president, first lady, and their daughters emerged at their victory party. in his victory speech president obama spoke about working with both sides of the aisle. >> in the coming weeks and months, i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties. to meet the challenges we can only solve together. >> the president and his family spent the night in chicago and will return to the white house this afternoon. during his second term, president obama again will be working with a republican controlled house and a democratic controlled senate. we're beginning to have more on
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the balance of power coming up in 15 minutes. >> hundreds of president obama local supporters got together in san francisco to watch returns come in. this was the democratic watch party at the former tower records store in the castro district. the crowds cheered as states were called in. >> having an obama administration supporting health care, taking the issues of those that have the least and need the most is mass i have for my family and for this nation. >> after the entire race was called, supporters stayed late to celebrate and watch the president's victory speech. and the results to a large celebration filled with chants and cheers on sprawl plaza. students and staff gathered to watch election night coverage on the jumbo ton. for many students this was their first time voting.
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>> during his concession speech mitt romney said he and paul ryan gave their all to the campaign. the former massachusetts governor told supporters he praised that president obama will be successful in guiding the united states. romney made the speech after calling president obama calling him to congratulate him on his victory. >> the nation as you know is at a critical point and in a time like this we can't risk partisan bickering. oriolidaes have to reach across -- our leaders have to reach across the aisle. our citizens have to rise to the occasion. >> romney also thanks his wife ann who said would have made a wonderful first lady. and he also praised paul ryan and his campaign team for their tirelessly work. about 100 republicans gathered to watch election returns but
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minutes after the presidential race was called, people cleared out and went home. many say they are sad and disappointed that mitt romney lost. >> i would have loved romney because i don't know. romney was my man. and nothing i could do about it. but obama and i will have to deal with him for another four years. >> mitt romney was not bold enough. he relied on obama losing the election instead of providing a strong enough agenda. >> republicans point to other victories like maintaining the majority in the house of representatives. >> back here in california voters had not passed a tax increase on a statewide proposition since 2004 but this morning governor brown is declaring victory for proposition 30 the education tax. here are the numbers. 54% say yes. 46% say no. that is 100% reporting there. that being said tara moriarty is live in san francisco where
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voters overwhelmingly supported the measure. tara. >> reporter: good morning. students, teachers, and principal here at mission high school will probably be walking through these doors with an extra pep in their step. this is one of the city's the city's oldest comprehensive high school and it has struggled with test scores in the past but prop 30 may help change that. governor jerry brown's proposition 30 billed as a tax hike to rescue state schools has passed. 54% yes, to 46% no. it will raise the tax cut by a quarter of a cent per year and increase tax for those that make over $150,000 a year. >> here we are. we have a vote of the people. i think the only place in america where a state actually said let's raise our taxes for our kids, for our schools, for our california dreams.
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>> reporter: now the biggest support was in liberal san francisco, santa cruz, and alameda county. while the largest was in the northeast tip of the state. it's expected to raise an average of $6 billion a year for the state's general fund and education. i'm tara moriarty. competing measure proposition 38 went down in defeat. you can see right there on your screen. 72% said no. 28% said yes. it was bankrolled by millionaire attorney and would have raised the taxes of middle and upper class if households. we are tracking breaking news. firefighters are looking into the cause of a house fire. i want to take you to the scene that is on marion drive. here's a live look. you can see quite a bit of activity out there. two people who live in the home say they were awakened by the
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flames. they managed to grab their four children and get out of the house safely. >> my husband and i and my three-year-old we were asleep in bed and we just saw -- i just woke up and i saw red. >> now the red cross is helping the family find a place to stay. 4:35 now. lots of traffic going on there. sal has the answer for that. >> brian and pam, there is traffic but it's not all that bad right now if you are driving around the bay area. you should have a decent drive. steve and i will be telling you about overcast and fog. as you can see from this picture here, 80 westbound we have to focus narrowly here on the east shore freeway because we can't be tilted up just be seeing a big cloud. that is the way it's going right now if you are driving through. you can see i think jj back there. he's tilting up and you can
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see. just disappear. there you go. thank you. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. fog is not so much of an issue here. traffic looks good. if you are driving on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic is also off to a good start. here's steve. >> sal, thank you. after a couple of theys of sunshine -- days of sunshine, warm weather, and record highs things are changing fast. fog is ramped up on the coast. some of that fog moving over the bay. it will be a little tough for some of the bridges. most inland locations should be all right. monday and tuesday way above average on those temperatures. good 10-15 degrees while we topped out on monday. we are going from very warm to very cold in the next 36-48 hours. temperatures drop today. today is that betweener day. 50s and 40s on temps.
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now the city 54 yesterday at this time they were 61. there is a sign of a different change. and the wind direction has turned more westerly. it was easterly or northerly for a couple of days. system will punch in. not a lot of moisture with this but there is a bunch of cold air in there. once that moves in you will feel it. fog, sun, cooler today. lighter breeze for some. chilly lows will give way to afternoon highs that will also be on the cooler side. 60s and 70s. he's temperatures are coming down out of the 80s and we go colder. showery kind of a rainy pattern. they go into the 50s on friday. slow recovery over the weekend. sunday looks crisp and clear. will the death penalty continue in california? the latest numbers on that controversial proposition. and the reason some people in the south bay could see a boost in their paychecks soon. good morning, westbound traffic 24 looks pretty good. we'll tell you more about that
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straight ahead.
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good morning. some fog has come back. it will be cooler. there will be sun inland. goodbye to the 80s and more 60s and 70s. a ballot measure to end the death penalty in california is trailing with more than half of the votes counted proposition 34 seems to be on its way to rejection if passed it will replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole and it would apply to more than 700 people who are currently on death row. meanwhile voters overwhelmingly passed proposition 36 to ease california's three strikes law. now a mandatory life sentence will only be imposed if the third felony conviction is serious or violent. president obama will head back to washington this afternoon after celebrating his reelection in his home state of
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illinois. reporter rene marsh is live in chicago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. so now the newly elected newly reelected i should say president obama he has a lot of work to do. one of the unresolved issues he has to tackle now that fiscal cliff. but before he gets back to work, he took a little time to celebrate his victory with supporters here at his head quarters early this morning. electrified youd greeted president barack obama early wednesday morning. he says he's ready for four more years. >> with your stories and your struggles, i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work we need to do and the future that lies ahead. >> reporter: his reelection comes after a nail biting night of returns. his president defended his home
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turf and won several critical swing states including ohio. pushing him over the 270 electoral vote mark. >> i want to thank every american who participated in this election. >> reporter: he had been in a statistical dead heat with mitt romney who conceded the race wednesday morning. >> in the week's ahead i look forward to sitting down with governor romney. >> reporter: in the end it was his true is blue supporters. >> michelle i have never loved you more. and to the best campaign team in the history of politics. >> reporter: and to the voters of promise for a better presidency. >> we are and forever will be the united states of america. and together with your help and god's grace we will continue on forward and remind the world just why it is we live in the greatest nation on earth.
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>> all right. now we are looking at people all over the world celebrating president obama's victory over mitt romney. in the kenya village where the president's father grew up you can see people cheering and dancing when they heard the news the president won a second term. celebrations were also held in afghanistan and india and kina. not much has changed in the balance of power on capitol hill. dianne feinstein is heading back to washington after winning a fourth term. she beats republican elizabeth emkiin there. democrats keep control of the senate with 53 seats that is including two independence who will caucus with them. 40 republicans have 45 seats if there is two races too close to call. wisconsin elected democrat
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elect -- ktvu cop congress has results on some of those races. >> reporter: of the 14 congressional districts in the bay area all but one incumbent kept their seat. let's take a look at the map so we can show you where there is changes. let's talk about district 15. that is where we see the local upset. this is of course the race between top democrats and this is 100% of precincts reporting. overnight the numbers showed 31- year-old erik pulling ahead. he tweeted thank you for the faith you have showed in me. we are bringing new energy and results to -- and a new top two primary system. now there are other races we are watching closely. we want to talk about district
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nine. this is jerry mctheory's district. but a lot closer than some people expected it to be. these of course are just a couple of the races. we'll talk about the congressional races coming up. pam. thank you. san jose voters seem to be supporting a measure to increase the city's minimum wage. right now yes on measure d is leading. that would raise the city's minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour. the idea came from a sociology class at san jose state university. in another closely watched contest in san jose it appears incumbent rose herrera has won reelection to the city council. she has a solid lead over jimmy
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nguyen. the race gained extra exposure when if they reported her rerail's husband taking down a campaign sign. in san francisco it appears christina oh lag dwi's vote to keep the sheriff cost her job. she is drilling linda breed. right now it is 4:48. let's check in with sal on traffic. i'm happy sal that the traffic we don't have to wait in line at our polling places for most part out here. my goodness. >> no. your traffic reporter as far as i know is not changing. it's going to stay the same guy for a little bit any way. let's take a look at the commute. 80 westbound as you head out toth area here. there are no major problems on the east shore freeway. it's a little foggy out there
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so just take it easy. and give yourself an extra few minutes. and also the morning commute is not bad at the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see traffic here doing pretty well with no major issues coming up through the pay gates. also if you are on 280 in san jose northbound 280 traffic that looks very nice getting up to highway 17. 4:48 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning. sal has touched on it a little bit of fog. there will be more just one guy talking but coming through the caldecott boom there it was. you can see it was getting thicker and thicker. be careful some areas clear. other areas have to deal with the fog. system right there just that little guy. that will give us a big change. temperatures record highs again yesterday. you folks in gilroy pat yourselves on the back. 91 yesterday. incredible. san jose 80. that was a record high. but dense fog. some of that visibility can be lousy for awhile. especially along highway 1. turning colder tonight. clouds will be increasing and
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the winds will pick up. we're already seeing signs of that. monday and tuesday they are sliding fast. they will go right on down today and below average on thursday and friday. this is a colder system more than it is a rainy system on the way in. 40s and 50s on the temps. not those upper 50s and 60s we had on the coast yesterday. that has been completely wiped out. more of a westerly breeze. that is the leading edge of the change as well. a lot of cold air with it. it really doesn't go over water. had an over water trajectory we would say more about rain. and some shower activity but not rain, rain. fog, sun, cooler. breeze will pick up for some later on 60s and 70s but temperatures will be heading down and then they will continue their slide down as we go into thursday. showers will pick up. kind of a rainy pattern. very cold and breezy. saturday highs highs in the
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50s. sunday looks crisp and clear. in an unprecedented move the two states that passed historic measures on marijuana but why debate on the issue is far from over. how the hotly contested soda tax in the city of richmond faired on election day.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. two ballot measures legalizing marijuana passed in colorado and washington. washington state's initiative 502 would create a state license of marijuana growers and retail stores where adults could buy up to an ounce of marijuana. and it establishes a blood test limit for driving under the influence. many legal experts expect the justice department to sue to block 502. and it was a big night for supporters ofday marriage. measures passed in maine and maryland. a referendum to uphold a law in washington also appears to be passing but voters in minnesota rejected a ban on gay marriage. analysts say it's the first time they have won another the polls indicating a major shift in public opinion. back here berkeley voters rejected a controversial citing ban. measure s would have banned people from sitting on sidewalk
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and commercial areas from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.. supporters argued it was needed to drive away aggressive panhandlers. but others say it criminalized the homeless. they have defeated a temporary parcel tax for the contra costa fire district. the measure has fallen well short of the two-thirds approval it needed to pass. ten stations could be closed and a third of firefighters could be laid off if the measure did not pass. richmond's hotly contested soda tax went down in defeat. voters overwhelmingly rejected measure n which would have opposed a penny per ounce tax on sugary drinks. if passed they would have been the first in the nation with a tax. the american beverage association attributed $2 million to help defeat that one. also on its way to defeat proposition 37 the initiative that would have required labeling for all foods that would have been genetically
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engineered. right now it's losing 47-53%. 4:54 right now. let's toss it to sal. sal is there anything called wednesday light out there for traffic? >> we'll see. i like that idea. traffic is moving along pretty well so far it's wednesday light. i like that. but right now we're not doing too poorly. there is no major problems here if you are drive into san francisco. also the morning commute looks good here on interstate 880 north and southbound the traffic is moving along nicely. if you are driving on southbound 101 heading down the peninsula, it's a nice drive but as steve has been telling you a little bit of fog out there. be a little extra careful. speaking of steve here he is. >> i am, sal. yesterday some of the record highs we can say goodbye to these. gilroy 91. back to back days 90-91. redwood city 80. and sfo checked in at 78 degrees.
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more record highs that was yesterday. today is a different story. it will not be as warm. we have a little bit going on in the way of fog and a westerly breeze. we have lost that easterly wind or north easterly wind some areas of dense fog. low visibility in spots. this might be more around the bay than inland. tonight turning colder. clouds increase and wind picking up. monday and tuesday temperatures way above average with those record highs. well that is going to be a distant memory. we're going from warm to cooler to cold. 40s and 50s right now. some are mid to upper 50s. some in the 48-49 category. but more of a westerly breeze. the wind is coming from sfo to travis. yesterday at this time it was a east, northeast. the system is driving down not a lot of moisture with it but it has a lot of cold air. some of that will trigger afternoon shower activity. that will be the main day the system digs in. today sunny if you're away from the coast. a lot of fog close to it.
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60s and 70s. temperatures sliding down today. gilroy yesterday 91. and back to cooler for the coast. a couple saydays ago santa cruz was 88. colder showers moving in. highs drop. they will continue to do that into friday. starting to clear out saturday with your weekend always in view it will be cold very cold but it will be sunny and highs warming up slowly. people on the east coast are still cleaning up from super storm sandy but now they are being told to brace for another storm. meteorologist say a nor'easter is expected to hit the region later today. it could be weaker than anticipated but it could bring wind gusts that could bring down tree limbs. coming up next in our 5:00 hour the final results came in hours ago. the critical california measure involving schools and taxes. >> i believe we can see this
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future together. because we are not as divided as our politics suggests. >> president obama prepares for another four years in the white house after a decisive victory. stay with us.
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